Voip hosted pbx

Maximize your business phone system by hosting your phone system in the cloud. A hosted PBX is an ideal solution to replace costly and cumbersome legacy PBX equipment. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to provide the insight and support you need to optimize your communications environment.

Fully Scalable

With a hosted PBX from AT Plus, you’ll get the hardware you need and access to our entire lineup of advanced business phone system features, allowing for increased efficiencies and improved reliability with no upfront cost. BigOhio can help you achieve a truly optimized communications environment that’s tailored specifically to your company’s unique preferences, needs and goals.


Most hosting partners, to maximize their revenue, will sell you a hosting service per phone. However, the operator’s phone is used significantly more than a phone in a common area such as a break room. Why then are they the same price? We tailor our hosting differently, not to the number of handsets you use, but by the number of phone calls you make. The result is a much lower rate than all the major carriers.