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Business Telephone System Installation, Maintenance and repair

Offering Complete Telephone Systems and Maintenance for the Hospitality industry

        Voiceware & Grandstream IP PBX Systems

          On-Premise or Cloud-Hosted

Unlike traditional hardware-based PBXs, the Voiceware platform is fully integrated into one software-based application, built from the ground up for IP-based communication. Voiceware can be run locally as well, meeting the needs of your communication strategy and technology management approach.

The Voiceware platform includes:

  • Hospitality VoIP PBX
  • Call Accounting
  • Voicemail
  • PMS Integration
  • Full Hospitality Feature Set

more than just business telephone systems

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Construction Procurement

Along with our telephone and camera services we also are licensed for Construction Procurement as a Minority Owned Company

Keyless Entry for your business

No more keys to lose. Just scan and enter.

Camera Systems

Keep an eye on your business with state-of-the-art camera systems

What we do

Develop business communications

Providing VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for businesses that lowers the communication cost of your organization, unifies your team and increases productivity and provides the most advanced technology available.

Virtual Communications

Enjoy all the features that were available to you on traditional land lines and so much more. Call parking, forwarding, hunt groups HD voice are all available with VoIP. Access and share documents, host and join virtual meeting spaces

Explore The Possibilities

The possibilities are endless with our VoIP phone systems using in-house IP PBX capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

We install Grandstream Business telephones for any size company

We offer two options that are our absolute favorite for Hotels. Grandstream and Phonesuite’s Voiceware Platform. Depending on your needs, one of these will do the job beautifully

Enhance security & daily operations. Monitor security on your devices. Keep tabs on your business from anywhere. Alibi security analog and IP camera systems

We have experience working with many phone systems including Mitel, Nortel, Norstar, Comdial, Hitachi, Grandstream, Phonesuite.

We routinely work on the following systems: Mitel, Nortel, Grandstream, Hitachi and Phonesuite’s Voiceware

Strengthen your security while reducing costs with our advanced commercial door lock system. CDVI offers a bluetooth cell phone system for cardless use,